Lisa Gravey-Williams

"Every blade of grass has its Angel that bends over it and whispers, 'grow grow'."
The Talmud.







I provide Counselling and Psychotherapy believing that the uniqueness of the therapeutic relationship is like no other kind of relationship; it is a professional ethical relationship where I seek to value, respect and listen to you in confidence and without judgement, as you discover your inner potential for mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. 

I am aware that for many it's a big step to seek the help and support of a counsellor or therapist. Sometimes when faced with emotional conflict, such as depression, relationship issues, anxiety or a stressful situation, making any decision can be difficult. 

And sometimes life can indeed seem overwhelming or difficult to cope with. There may be a specific event which has triggered something or an ongoing sense of unease, difficulty with relationships, sadness or anger; there may be a bereavement, family issues, stress at work, spiritual crises, childhood or recent trauma, depression, anxiety, addictions, or other issues.  I seek to offer you a supportive environment where we can explore life in a safe and effective way that can enable a new perspective on past and current issues and develop tools to cope with future life. Your context is unique and we will approach it in a way that allows you space and choice. 

Overall, psychotherapy can help you to look inward in order to find greater inner ground and equilibrium and a deeper sense of self. From this place we are more able to engage with the world through meaningful and fulfilling relationships.